Best marketplaces and faires on the southern Costa Blanca

In Spain, market squares and faires are traditional places to buy fresh produce, clothes and other conventional or unconventional wares – southern Costa Blanca is no exception. Whilst shopping you’re free to enjoy the offerings of local coffee shops and diners.

The best time to visit these thriving centres of traditional commerce ranges from 8am to 1pm (8:00 – 13:00). After 1pm the marketplace will start to wrap up, vendors closing their stalls.

A difficulty may lie within the most urbanized marketplaces – parking space. Usually though, the more permanent marketplaces with purpose-made buildings offer parking as well.

See the map for a fast view of the most prominent marketplaces, sorted by weekday! You can select multiple days or look at all places at once.

If you have suggestions for locations, please send them to [email protected]. We will familiarize ourselves with the location and consider adding it to the map.


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