Why Proproperties.pro?

For Buyer

At the moment Proproperties.pro represents around 200 new development property types in the vicinity of Costa Blanca. Whether you are looking for a new build or a resale property, we can offer to you new build villas, modern apartments or penthouses with fantastic finishing and high quality architechtural aspects till true luxury and high privacy villas.

Also switching your home in Costa Blanca is easy with us. We take care of your goods and chattels during the transition.

Take Your time with Us – we will tell to You all necessary with clear communication and You have time to make Your decisions based on information, long term vision and great professional support. Contact Us and let’s meet at our Meeting Point in La Zenia, Orihuela Costa or remotely through internet.

The Proproperties.pro team welcomes you to our website. All design aspects and property information is presented specifically to empower clients with a very simple but precise first search through our Locations Map.

Your next step will be contact us and start an investigation towards a perfect property match.

For Seller

Selling a property in Spain is similar an official process than buying – we take care of all steps with You and with our professional network.  We also make sure that You get the right price and that the selling time is reasonable.

What’s amazing is that with Proproperties.pro You get always a free styling of Your property.

It’s well established that a beautifully styled property will change owner much easier. This means a better price – you can again trust our specialists in this matter. Also switching your home in Costa Blanca is easy with us. We take care of your goods and furniture during the transition.

Property Services when buying or selling

When buying or selling – we will take care of all necessary steps with electricity, water, gas and digital services like internet or television.

One task in the list of free after sales service is locks and keys.

Not forgetting about furniture – we have good relations with local shops and assembly providers, garden designers, landscapists and architects if You want to make changes.

Administrative Services

Whether you are buying or selling, we can recommend a set of independent law firms for you. Your chosen lawyer will assist you throughout the transaction, while your representative from us works side-by-side with you to bring together all the different components of the purchase or sale – including getting your NIE number, opening a Spanish bank account, getting a home insurance, working with foreign exchange and solving tax issues.

Free After Sales Service

After purchase You get a possibility for free lifetime after sales services.

This means that if there’s a problem with Your property, You can contact us and we’ll arrange needed services and support to you. Our service provider network is wide and professional – this save time and money. When need arises – we take care of it and You just have to agree to proposed following steps. We are with You again.

How to Use?

Every property is different as a building but also by options and equipment. We give to You, a new property owner, a lesson on how to use and how to live in Your property.

Our experienced opinion helps You find Your way to live and enjoy, care-free.

Business in Spain?

We can introduce you to an experienced business lawyer, if You purchase the property for a company or an organization or you have in your mind to establish a business in Spain. In many cases owning the property through a company is better than owning it personally.

Contact us!

Feel free to ask about anything. If you have feedback, please let us know!

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